BREAKING: Supreme Court rules that anyone with a JESUS IS MY COPILOT bumper sticker can oppress women.

(via teapartycat)

I don’t normally get into politics here, but for one their explanation of birth control causing abortion is wrong. It prevents the egg from fertilizing. 

As well how can you say “Go home freeloaders” when an argument is based on religion. Religion/The Churches get a ton of tax breaks and basically operate with very few bills and our some of the biggest charitable power houses in our country. They give things away for free all the time and yet…I just always found it weird how you can be a religious/charitable person but you have issues with welfare. 

Finally the economical impact decisions like this have on our country are huge as Ruth Ginsberg explained the cost of an IUD can be a months salary some women can’t afford that. 

People I pay out of pocket for my health care and did before Obamacare. I work hard and I pay for my own birth control this isn’t about me wanting anything for free this is about doing what’s right to help those who need it. 

At the end of the day there has to be a better way.